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How is Perdido Bay Baptist organized?

Perdido Bay Baptist is pastor led, deacon served, committee organized, and church approved.

  1. The Pastor– Our pastor leads the church. He sets the vision for the church and leads the staff in having a focused plan for direction of the ministry of the church. Certain ministerial, administrative, financial and personnel decisions must be made in consultation with various committees, the deacons, and with the approval of the church body.
  2. The Deacons– Our deacons serve the church body in many ways. Their various roles include serving as a sounding board to the pastor, approving certain financial, administrative, and personnel decisions, serving on both permanent and special committees, ministering to the widows and homebound of the church, being on call for emergencies, and assisting in worship services and church activities as needed.
  3. The Committees– We have two types of committees: standing committees and special committees. Standing committees are permanent and come alongside the pastor and staff to help with the ministry of the church. There are advisory and approval functions of certain issues or processes within their scope. Special committees, or task forces, are developed to complete a certain task.
  4. The Church– Perdido Bay Baptist is governed by the congregation. All major decisions are approved by the congregation. The congregation makes decisions through prayer and seeking God’s will through the direction of the Holy Spirit.