Living life together is what being a church is all about. The term “church” is often thought of as a building or a place we go, but the word “church” actually refers to the people who assemble or meet together. It is in the Life Groups where intimate relationships develop and real life happens. Regardless the size of the congregation, Life Groups are where people grow and lives are enriched.

Life Groups come in many names in our culture. Some are called Sunday School, connection groups, small groups, cell groups, and often just “life groups” as this page suggests. Many churches have moved away from using the term “Sunday School” because of the negative connotation of “school” or because of the use traditional terminology in a fast changing culture. It does not matter what small groups are called as they all have a similar purposes of connecting people and building relationships. Jesus spent His time on earth reaching people, teaching people, and serving people. Likewise, we strive to make these purposes the foundation of all our Life Groups.

Life happens in all groups at Perdido Bay Baptist. Even though it is a traditional term, we still have “Sunday School” at 9:45 AM for all age groups. Below are the adult divisions for Sunday morning:

  • Adult 2: Adults
  • Adult 1: Senior Adults
  • Women’s Class
  • Family Class: Parents and children- 

Perdido Bay Baptist is transitioning in many ways to meet the needs of all generations in our fast changing culture. Many who are unable to meet on Sunday mornings are in the need of the connection and fellowship opportunities that are available through Life Groups. Therefore, we are exploring ways to develop cell groups that meet at nontraditional times either in homes or the church building, starting groups through our Men’s and Women’s ministries, and creating Family Life groups that keep everyone in the congregation connected to the life of the church.

There is a place for everybody at Perdido Bay Baptist!